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Originally Posted by NewMember View Post
He said he thinks they are out.
I have not seen them, so I cant say.

Listen Im just trying to do him a favor. Please keep you facetious comments to yourself.

400 for a set of LCI is pretty darn cheap.
Yes $400 is cheap. But to help out everybody here we need SPECIFIC details. Not knowing what the problems really are, or even seeing the item prevents anybody from knowing if $400 gets you a good set with bulbs that just need to be replaced, or a set that cannot be fixed at all.

Would you buy rims from somebody saying they think there is a crack in them but are not too sure?

I could easily drive out to your area of NJ and pick the item up, but I would not waste my time without specific details and pictures.

Do yourself a favor and don't ruin your credibility because your friend won't do his part of a sale.