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Leak on front axle differential....FUN TIMES!

(Updated Status Below)

Hey all, I had the front of my car jacked up the other day to get my front wheels off and install some LED turn signals, but before I mounted my wheels back on, I was inspecting my driver's side wheel wheel when I noticed what you see in the pictures...

Background: 2009 e92 335i xdrive

This is the front axle differential which is mounted on the drivers side of the oil pan (which has the front passenger side drive axle actually go through the bottom of the block/pan to the other side) It appears that the bottom of the housing is completely caked in oil/grime. Now my engine bay has always been kept very clean, and there is no other leaking or "wetness" anywhere I can see, and I've never had any warning lights pop up.

The car is not driving any differently as far as I can tell, nor have I noticed any increased wear noises when driving/shifting, but just seeing that set alarms bells off in my head and I want to stop a potentially developing issue in its tracks.

Has this happened to anyone else, and if so, any ideas as to what the problem (if there is one) may be? I will surely be calling the dealer, but I just want to educate myself beforehand if anyone has some similar experience.

The pics: 1st one is looking through the undertray vent hole toward the housing from the front of the car. The 2nd and 3rd are through the drivers side wheel well.
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