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Originally Posted by J02 335i View Post
I have not personally driven an ATS or F30 335i, and I'm not trying to sound like a fan boy here, and I could be completely wrong. But to me it almost sounds like Motortrend either "wants" or "needs" another winner in this segment other then BMW.

They have been criticized for years for the 3 series always (or the majority of the time) winning their comparo's.

So the 335i, is the fastest, best handling (figure eight), ties for the shortest braking distance, has the most room and the base price is $990 more then the Benz and $1200 more then the ATS. Lets not forgot gets the best fuel economy also.

Maybe I'm confused? Or the new electric power steering and build quality that bad?
one they tested was prcied $6k more then Caddy and MB

out of 4, I would buy S4 and call it a day