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Originally Posted by hickoryE92 View Post
+3 on the kids that worked their ass off to pay for their car. Firstly, it is possible to do so. Second, who gives a shit if these kids were handed these cars. As long they treat them with respect and aren't asshats about it I don't see any qualms. Finally, the only reason to hate on them is out of envy, which suggests that you wish you were in their shoes and from that we can deduce that if you were in their shoes you would accept the car so you hating on them is only hypocritical.

The only time I have a problem with young kids getting a nice car is when they don't respect it and use it in ways they shouldn't, but this infuriates me even when it isn't a BMW. It could be a new honda, mazda, ford, etc... hell, it could even be a used car. I hate when kids take anything for granted.

My first car was a 14 yr old volvo with 200,000 miles and I got shit on for having such a "lame" car compared to many other kids around me but I was THRILLED to have such a car, and any car at that. No need to be so FVCKING negative all the time. The kid is in this forum because he is passionate about the car and wants to take care of it so back off man.

Also, since you're so concerned with what he did, if he had dealt cocaine or other hardcore drugs starting at an age of 16 and by 18 could afford a BMW would you support this because he made the money himself? Some things in this world are more important than simply working yourself to death to "work for what you get". How about the character of the kid? His morals...? His actions...? Furthermore, many kids are given cars, rather than having to pay for them because the parents' goal is to have the kid focus on school rather than working. If the parents have a decent amount of money, then I don't see the problem with this. It's the kid that HAS to work in order to support themselves because the parents are making just enough to support basic necessities that has to focus on work and school, but things are put in place to make it easier for them to get into school. For the kid who has parents that are at least middle-class, there is no help getting into college except for your grades, test scores, EC activities, volunteering, etc.

So back the fvck off and let us all enjoy this forum for what is about. CARS. Not about our individual lifestyles, morals, or problems with society. I am sorry for going on such a long tangent but this type of bitching is rampant throughout this forum and I find it so insignificant and unnecessary.

end rant/