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Nope I'm not saying that I gain 40hp by removing the DPF only.
Im saying that I now have a car with DPF and a tune. That car delivers aprox 265hp/615nm.
When I remove the DPF and do another tune I will according to several tuners that I will not use anyway (They do not sell me anything no matter what they tell me since one tuner is aprox 1000km away and the other tuner is aprox 9000km away), but use my own guy here in Denmark that have been tuning for me until now, I will gain aprox 30hp and aprox 70nm.
The point being that the tuners telling me about the powergains will not under any circumstances have any chance of selling me the tuneup. One of them might be able to sell me the DPF remove pipe. Nothing more. the actual tuneup or maping(call it whatever you like) will be done by my regular tune guy that have tuned my car until now.
You are right: DPF removal alone DOES NOT DO IT.
DPF removal AND a remaping that deactivates the ECU's settings for error messages and changes the maping of air and fuel does the trick.
This spring I WILL compare befor eand after dynos at a shop independent of the tuner and the seller of the IC and the seller of the DPF removal pipe. Have patience ;-)
I will ask Rolf at promotec for the dynos where the DPF and remapping is the only difference. But that is at the tuner and not an independent shop.
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