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I looked very carefully on the ground and there was no difference in the surface, both our surfaces were shiny and had no ridge. I guess that the weight has some thing to do with this or the traction controll or the ESP had been switched off in his car. I have not seen rear wheels of modern cars (with traction controll etc) spin so fast as his did. Even when he managed to back out, the rear wheels were still working overtime and spinning. After pulling out from the parking place he actually waited in his car and saw me pull out effortlessly! I hope he turns up tomorrow too so that I can ask him. I have to know!

On the side note, this E91 that I have with Nokian tyre has been great car even during snow storm and icy road. It just refuses to behave like the old rear wheel driven car. We have a sloping driveway which is packed with snow and some times ice in winter and it has no problem pulling on that or any other stretch of road that I have been on for the last three years. Hats off to BMW!