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Originally Posted by Wrngway View Post
You mean ellis as in LS small block V8?

They're small engines relative to their displacement. OHV and cam in block helps reduce the overall dimensions. It also helps to keep wieght down. There's a new gen coming out soon that includes direct injection and variable valve timing.

Cadillac may hold off on puting it in the ATS due space restrictions, though it's possible it could be made to fit. There are Fiero's running around with LS1 engines. Likely it's the engine's weight keeping it out. They're keen on keeping overall weight down and having a 50/50 distribution in this car.

That said, it doesn't seem overly heavy. I think GM lists an LS3 7.0L engine at around 418 lbs out of a crate. BMW lists the N52 at 161 kg, which is 355 lbs. It's tough to do an apples to apples comparison though.

One other factor may be the fact that greater power delivery demands upgrades to other parts of the car. The differential, transmission, suspension, tires, etc. all need to be able to handle the increased power. This in turn increases the overall weight of the car.

Forced induction and direct injection V6's now have the same power as V8 small blocks of just 10 years ago. GM may surprise everyone later, but I'd guess that we won't see a V8 in an ATS.
Yes, ellis, ellis juan, etc etc. one two or three.

shit, why not make a ATS-R with a ZR1 motor in that hoe.