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I'm not reading Motortrend again... With this article they shot their own foot.

I have a substantial amount of experience with BMW and MB. I was excited that Cadillac might finally release a decent car...
So I went to my closest Cadillac dealership several weeks ago to see the ATS and let me tell you, we are LIGHTYEARS away from the Germans unfortunately. The rear seats are unusable, the truck is useless for a sedan, the center console continues Cadillac cheap plastic "fancy" looking electronics. There is a feel of CHEAP in the car everywhere, even the steering wheel is too skinny and trimmed with the best plastic Detroit has to offer (crap). So it doesn't matter if they managed to have 0.01g more than the others, I wouldn't even think about the ATS compared to competitors. When you are buying a sedan you can't make so many compromises to live with daily, why would you when you can get a 3-series of C-Class for the same price?

How can Motortrend, supposedly non-bias car testers, crown the ATS as the winner when such BASIC things are wrong: a shity outdated automatic gearbox and even worst manual box (really? In a SPORTS sedan?), a trunk the size of a Honda fit and basically unusable rear seats if the front passengers are not midgets.

I hope Motortrend got a bribe from GM, because if not then they are truly idiots.

If you read all these glamourous things about the ATS, all I ask before you reply is that you do the same thing I did and inspect the car in person. I was very disappointed just by sitting, inspecting it, and playing with the electronics and buttons. So sad, but so far from coming close to a 3 or C. The quality is just not there.