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Yet another xDrive problem

Today I was in town driving my wife's 2008 328xi coupe manual (55,000 miles with stock square 17" wheel set-up ) when all of a sudden the car starts to feel chunky when I press on the gas (kinda like how it feels when you are running out of gas). The gas was sort of low (I had 58 miles left), so I fill up with 14.5 gallons and start the car. I instantly get a 4x4! warning (yellow), the traction control disengaged light comes on, and the tire pressure light comes on. I check all tires. they are fine so I reset the tire pressure light and it never comes back (the 4x4! and traction control light stays on, though). I then drive the car to the dealership and have them diagnose the problem using the fob and it reads that AWD is disabled and so is the traction control, and to drive cautiously.

I have an appt. next Friday to have it thoroughly inspected, but was wondering what you guys think this might be? By the way.. the car drives great now.. no more "chunky" feeling as I described earlier before I got all the warning lights.

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