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hahaha i did this too!!!!!!last night actually and yes there is a crazy difference in mpg way better on the highway i was getting 35 on the highway and its all mtns here in pa
yeah. It is great. Did you cut out cats? Mine is a brand new piece that was custom cast and then fabricated. Nonetheless, pretty much a no brainer with our cars. It should be the first mod anyone does. Think about it. BMW Performance Intake is like $750 and barely noticeable in terms of results.

Originally Posted by RupertPupkin View Post
Merely comparing the diameter of the piping and the curved bends with no harsh angles. Could be wrong they just appear smoother and wider. Plus they are sort of crude looking so i assume theyd be cheaper. Which doesn't matter to me since you cant see them anyway.
The bends are actually vibrant and the manifold is stainless. The MIG weld on the collector makes it look a little crude but theoretically, it could all be tig welded in the collector, the piping could be mandrel bent and the final product could be polished. It would doll it up.

In the end, it makes power and tq. Thats all I care about.