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Originally Posted by techy1 View Post
what do you think.... might not be the newest thing but pretty new to me
You will need to use the Valentine V1 with that mirror, which is a detectable radar detector. It's a good detector but you risk being sniffed out by OPP if they are running a spectre unit. I very much doubt marked city patrol cars have these installed, or even undercover cars but you run the risk non the less. I suggest you pick up a Bel Sti Magnum or other undetectable RD and have it hardwired up higher above the rear view mirror out of sight. Having an RD is a useful tool but laser is a bigger threat nowadays.

Originally Posted by bobblehead View Post
I thought most of the cops use laser detector these days
Cops use laser guns, you're probably thinking of the radar detecting spectre unit installed on some police vehicles. Radar works in waves, laser is a beam shot at an object. Most speed traps now use laser guns which give an immediate speed display to the officer, your radar detector will only inform you that you've just been hit by laser in this case.