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TPMS malfunction... Replaced RDC, now what?

So went to the dealer with a TPMS malfunction error that would go away, come back, go away, and now it's pretty much stuck on. Tried a reset (when it's not malfunctioning), replaced all 4 tires and sensors. No tires are low on air.

Dealer says RDC unit is bad (this is after they replaced a receiver, which they claimed was throwing codes, but yet, the TPMS malfunction still persisted). They wanted $500, I said F that. Paid Tischer $110 for a new RDC, spent 10 minutes installing it (it's near the battery, behind the soft carpet liner for anyone interested) and thought I had fixed my problem.

Nope... TPMS malfunction still persists.

Do I need to reprogram the new RDC to the receivers I have? Or should it just plug and play? Any other ideas that might be causing this?

Edit: 2007 335i E90