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Talking PTF ProTune Dyno

1st off, I’d like to thank ProTuning Freaks, specifically Jake@PTF for tuning my car. 2nd, I’d like to thank Undercover Performance for their time on the dyno & rescheduling with me after it snowed last week. For anyone in the New Jersey/Southeast PA-area, I recommend that everyone get over to Undercover & check it out if they have a chance. Everyone there (Garth, Angie & the rest of the Undercover crew) was really cool & was quick to ask me about my car and then show off some of the shop projects: several (4-6?) high HP Supras, a 1,200 WHP Cobra-TT engine & a custom Turbo Trailblazer SS (ALL running the ProEFI of course ). Wish I had brought my camera, but check out Undercover's Facebook ( as they're always posting shop updates.

So after getting locally tuned by Jake back in August, I unfortunately never had the time to get on a dyno & measure the gains. Well I finally found the time and wanted to see what the car is putting down. Some quick background information about my car & the mods installed:
  • 2008 E90 335i (6AT / Stock Turbos)
  • COBB ProTunes for 93 Octane & E85 Blend
  • aFe Dual Cone Intake (That badly need to be cleaned)
  • Akrapovic Catless Downpipes
  • Helix Front Mounted Intercooler
  • Evolution Racewerks Charge Pipe
  • Forge Motorsport Diverter Valves (Yellow Springs)
  • Burger Motorsports Oil Catch Can

Since I had never been dynod before, I decided that I would get dyno numbers for three different tune settings: a Stock Baseline with the mods installed, the 93 octane ProTune, and finally mix in some E85 & run the E85-Blend ProTune. It was between 50-60 degree outside & Undercover has a Dyno Mite dyno.

Stock Baseline with Installed Mods: 270 WHP / 290 WTQ

93 Octane ProTune: 380 WHP / 395 WTQ (Delta Over Stock: 110 WHP / 105 WTQ) **Not sure why there are those dips in graphs 2 & 3, but Garth thinks it’s probably the OEM DME pulling timing – Note that the specific RPM it occurs at changes. We were able to get one undisturbed pull (Graph #1) by reseting the DME before the pull.

E85 Blend ProTune: 428 WHP / 460 WTQ (Delta Over Stock: 158 WHP / 170 WTQ and Delta Over 93 Octane ProTune: 48 WHP / 65 WTQ). The second E85 pull read 420 WHP / 465 WTQ. Can't remember the values for the 3rd.

The drivability on both COBB ProTunes is silky smooth (no boost oscillations, consistent power delivery) and beyond thrilled now that the numbers & gains are in. Like I said at the beginning, I’d really like to thank Jake@PTF for tuning my car -- Expect a thread soon (which I'll like to here) on my experience getting locally tuned.

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