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Cobb AP - 30F2 - Glow ignition: cylinder 6 Excessive knock

So this past summer, we were driving up thru some mountain passes, around 4000 feet elevation, and it was around 90 degrees. As we were going up some inclines, I would feel some hesitations while accelerating moderately. Car was loaded with stuff, along with a couple of bikes and a roof box up top. It felt as if a giant rubber band was attached to the car, and pulled and released. I pulled over, scanned for codes, and got nothing. Continued driving and felt that still here and there, but got no check engine lights.

At the time, the car was stock, other than the Cobb tune (latest maps available at the time), the Sport Map stock throttle, stage 1, running on 91 octane gas.

Then a few weeks ago, I was taking car into the dealer to have service done, and before doing so, go to uninstall the Cobb, and see this "H30F2 - Glow ignition: cylinder 6 Excessive knock" code. My understanding of the H before the code (vs. a P) is that it's a historical / old code, that's no longer present.

That's a good thing I guess, but from reading a few posts (this code's fairly rare it seems), it's a pretty bad code to get.

So 1) I wonder if my hesitations I felt during that trip (not really at other times, and I've taken the car on other road trips thru the mountains too since) were related to this code, and 2) if I should do anything about it, and if so, what?

Thanks for the help guys!

I wonder if I was getting throttle closures, and this latest Cobb map referred to below would fix it? Or you don't get the code I got with just throttle closures and there's more to this?

When did v403 maps come out?

Originally Posted by COBB Tuning View Post
The only changes made (in v403) were to the WGDC table (a total of 4 cells) to correct the throttle closures we had seen from a few customers. This revision seemed to clean up the issue. Its possible you could still have some throttle closures if your wastegates are particularly tight, but those could be corrected in ATR or by your local ProTuner.

We did include a new section in the tuning guide ('Help' in the Help menu in ATR or on the website) that talks about how to modify the WGDC table for overshoots.