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Ok. So I figured I would just post the crappy cell phone pic of the dyno results and a short video. Specs were as such:
  • Dynocom - bolted into wheel hubs
  • Stock Run on Chevron 94 - No ethanol
  • Header run - 92 grade containing ethanol from no name gas station
  • There was a ping in the run that didn't affect HP but threw max tq off
  • Despite the ping max tq was around 174 ft lbs. So around 20lbs gain
  • One of the runs showed 12 whp max gain - not super important because its the delta that matters
  • Greatest TQ gains are in the 2.5 to 3.5 rpm range
  • Video briefly shows flatter curves without ping
  • Best pulls were 5th and 4th base and headers respectively
  • Avg tq gains throughout the band were 14lbs
  • Avg hp gains were about 9.X
  • I highlighted the graph in pen because lines were faint
  • 6 pulls each time - best runs were taken, although the pull before the one on the graph had higher MAX HP and no ping if I remember correctly. I should of had him put that one on. I was in a daze when this went down because we had a baby the night before and I barely had any sleep. Yes. I dyno'd the day after having a child. Don't judge me.

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