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Some of you seem to think it's silly to take several months to design an easy to install clutch stop for the E9X but think about it, when was the last time you designed something that didn't exist before? Sure it's easy for you to say you can make the same thing in 5 minutes by running out to home depot but you're not designing anything from're either building off my design or copying it. Go run out and design a clutch stop for the new M3. Unless it uses the same clutch stop as the E9X, can you do it in 5 minutes? Where would you start? You'll need to get a test car, take things apart and see where to install the clutch stop and how to install it. Then try different parts to see if they fit or not and then test it to see if it will last under different yes it does take several months and a lot of trial and error.

I'm all for innovation...consumers benefit from that. I'm against copying things and claiming you invented it.