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Rather than remove the file just disable it in msconfig by unchecking it so that it does not run when the computer is started.

If you are OCD like me and want to keep the msconfig list clean without any unchecked items then instead of disabling it in msconfig you can remove it from the startup location so that it does not run on startup.
To do so, look at the entry in msconfig and check under the location column. This should either be the startup folder in which case just browse to that folder and remove that shortcut from there or it will be a registry location, in which case you will have to make changes to your registry. You will need to get to the specific location specified in the location column and remove the iaantmon entry. You can google the microsoft website on how to access the registry and how to make changes to it just make sure you make a backup of the registry first and also sset a restore point, just in case.