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Originally Posted by wilson7136 View Post
No problem with ECS C/S or quality. I recently replaced the rear rotors on my E92 only to discover after the install that the inner diameter of the "hat" was incorrect and my parking brake would not engage. Called to inquire via their tech support. They realized their mistake and shipped replacements. Rotors have bedded in well and I do not believe that in five years they will look any worse than the factory pieces did.
As I wrote already, I was overall happy with their C/S; they were fast and comprehensive at the end.
And I'm sure they have good products in their range; my purpose is not to slap them.
But, once again, I want to stress that imho it is not fair to write a lot of "made in the US" or so when the item is actually produced in the states, and simply forget the country of origin in case the item is outsourced. While this is totally secondary for floor mats or light bulbs, I do care of where/how/by whom my brake rotors are manufactured.