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Originally Posted by Kata View Post
Hey Everyone,

i'm hungarian but i live in Germany, Bavaria.
I've a 320SI,
with good new motor, exspecially from Hungary.

I,ve got a little problem, with check engine light.
we have read the error, and it's

cat efficience low

my car mechanic said: everything is allright, just sometimes you have to push the gas, cause you drive too careful.

it's okay so or should i cat change??

Something else:
i wrote to a german forum, and they were so hateful...
they written that i have to sell this car, all the same, that my car got a new motor ....

greetings to every 320si owners


thats another common problem with most of the si's. the exhaust warning light comes on and stays on until you plug in a diagnostic kit to erase the fault code. all diagnostics say: catalytic efficiency below threshold or old catacutic convertor.
the cost to change this is more than 1000 euro because it goes together as one part with all the exhaust pipe from the engine. personally i have the same problem and i have bought from ebay a bluetooth diagnostic kit for 50 euro and i delete the fault code bymyself whenever it lights up.

personally i believe that it is something wrong with one of the 2 lamda sensors even that the diagnostic kit does not mention anything

ANSWER: leave it like this... there is no reason to change catalitic convertor

by the way: what is your average fuel consumption?