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Ah nah mate, can't call her an x if she was only over here in the US for her company working for 9 months. Just a cool friend with benefits. Nice but not my type.....very cute very smart...but the kind of girl you marry....and the next day her brother is living in your basement and her mom is living in your office and.....well you are fucked. Middle Eeaster/Near Eastern women are like Samsonite…you just don’t get one!
It's her culture, I'm not going to argue too much about it. It is what it is.

And for the most part this girl was tool food. Went from one tool to the next. NO job NO education NO plans for the future but neck tat....oh she was your girl! She was over those guys like shit on Velcro. The guy she was with for most of her stay here in the US was an out of work plumber…really how many out of work plumbers do you know of?

But when it came to the nice guy....who she knew for all those years....who probably spent most of his life tugging his own...while she was doing the mc nasty with me and every other ass out there.
I really feel for the guy? I mean after all who wants sloppy seconds? I mean yeah no one wants a virgin...nothing worse than a virgin...all the bleeding and the motion and the bla bla bla.....

But shit, what the hell....when i go over there for the big day....I guess I should take the guy out and say "Hey....we kept her warm for you?" ….but that would be wrong…so I’ll just shut my mouth, hit on the cute Asian brides maids wish him the best of luck and buy them a nice gift.

I don't know....maybe I'm different....but if a girl I hit on all my life all of a sudden after being passed around like the town bike comes back to me and says she wants to marry me....I'm kind of sure I would just tell her to go pound salt. And if one of my friends were in his shoes….I would really pull him aside and have a little talk with him….just to make sure….he knows what he’s doing…”Hey buddy, remember all those years you were chasing her like a little puppy sniffing her ass and she treated you like shit…now she is back…are you sure you want to be with her?”

What would you do?

And I’m doing my best not to sound misogynistic on this but…well….remember Forest Gump and his long time GF Jenny….remember how she ran around and just was a total mess and only called on him when she knew she had no options left? Well that kind of pissed me off.