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Originally Posted by _ink View Post
I'm not sure about the OP's Griffin product, but i was using a BT gateway to A2DP and i had to manually connect to it all the time.

This product is the only one that i know that will allow your phone to connect to the BMW BT phone kit and this device automatically:

They have an app for iphone and android to download to modify your settings and play your music through.. pretty neat!
Blackberry gateway does this perfectly, no app required. Your device is connected to it as an A2DP streamer, and to your head unit as a headset. So you stream your content, when the phone rings the head unit automatically takes over and lets you answer the call. When you hang up, streaming continues where it left off (unless live content, obviously, it'll pick up where you are instead of where you were). It's completely seamless and doesn't require you to EVER touch your device except to begin playing when you first get in the car.