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Installing new battery and recoding

Hi from cold and frosty UK. I need to replace battery on my BMW 3 series tourer 325ia SE 2007 (February). These illustrated instructions will prove very helpful. I want to install a 90amp bettery instead of a 70amp which was the original. Opinions seem to differ massively about whether one needs to reprogramme the car to tell it you have anstalled a new battery. On balance I guess it will be safer to assume that you should. My local BMW Dealer ( Mr Ripoff) will not install a battery I would bring him but will only install a battery I but from the dealership at about twice the price plus about $150 (84) labour. I have purchased from EBay the diagnostic lead plus the software DVDs. Has anyone done this procedure and if so can they run me through it step by step please. Thanks in advance and very glad to have joined as a new member. I live at Bexleyheath which is in Kent, SE England about 15 miles from London. Regards to you all.