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Originally Posted by derrick603 View Post
I would be pleasantly surprised if the ATS does well. It would suggest to me that branding is less important and that enthusiast-oriented chassis tuning can sell cars, which can be a good sign for the future of the enthusiast car market.
I'm not sure what Cadillac's marketing strategy is for the ATS but the CTS has been very successful as a more modern, European like Cadillac. I expect the ATS market will be similar and will fill in when the next CTS moves upscale. There will be some conquest sales vs the German competition as well. For years there has been a void in US offerings in this class of car and the ATS is a great clean sheet effort from Cadillac. I don't see the true enthusiast buying this car unless they can accept the AT, V6 version at this time. If GM improves the turbo 4 and it's MT then others like myself will be more open to this model.