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2 question why?
1)No really WHY!?
2)Do you hate your cock?
Why do you want to be an engineer? It is one of the WROST fields to study and one of the worst fields to work in as a heterosexual non chubby chasing man.

Here is how engineering will be.
You walk into class, it will smell of deep friend curried goat cheese….
You will realize that 30% of kids are from the Near East, 30% are from the Far East and 30% don’t believe in bathing. You may be the 10% that has seen a vagina since birth.
There will be 100 people…if you can call them that in your class. Of the 100 there will be 10 “women” and I will use that term loosely….
Of the 10
2 will be from Krblakistan and smell of pickled herring.
2 will be from India and are already married off
2 will be dating each other
2 will be very “handsome” and joined engineering to get laid because if they were to go to business school they couldn’t get a drink if they paid for it.
2 will be your friends who look like nice girls in that particular environment.

Your professor will hate you, no clue why but he will hate you as much as he hates taking showers or brushing his or her teeth. Furthermore your professor will not speak English as a first second nor third language. He or she can and will switch out to her native language in the middle of a lecture. Which will confuse you but will be perfectly acceptable to the other 90% of the students because they don’t speak English in the first place.

The curve will be nonexistent or so big that simply spelling your name right may get you a C- and this is simply due to the fact that well….the Near Eastern and Far Eastern guys…and yes they are all guys…will not go out to the bars, will not drink, will not eat BLT’s and do not need to chase girls….they are here to work get an education land a job and sit back while their mom finds them a wife….which they have never met until the day of the marriage.

Mean while to get that C- you will have to have spent god knows how many hours in the basement of the library attempting to understand your notes and to guess what the hell the book will be talking about since it was written by a PhD only to be understood by other PhD’s but given to you to buy for a onetime fee of $400 per book.

And then after graduating with a GPA of 2.5 you will most likely find a job where 30% of engineers are from the Near East, 30% are from the Far East and 30% don’t believe in bathing. As a man you will just be sitting there wondering…HU? Mean while the ONLY “woman” who was hired with you was quickly promoted from entry level to middle management and then to upper middle management to meet the government quota for X% of women in Y positions. Which wouldn’t suck if she didn’t have a date every day of the night and had 15 engineers following her like lost little ducks carrying everything she tells them to carry.

So why? Why the fuck would you want to be an engineer?
Go get you MBA make good money in finance and date only size 6 girls who look good, smell good and most importantly….treat you like a human being!

Unless you a gay…which is fine! Or are a chubby chaser… that’s just not right!

Says the guy who has been an engineer for the past 10 years, has worked private and public and both in the US and Europe and just got his MBA and would fuck a fat chick just to get the fuck out of Engineering and never look back!