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Originally Posted by Laid Black 335i View Post
Nice numbers benzy. Just curious, why do you have a 93 protune map? (Unless you don't have access to E85 all the time I guess?)
Yea, 93 octane is always available and I run it as my DD map. Since I'm in the Northeast E85 isn't that common (I actually drove from North NJ into Philly just for the E85 & then back into NJ to get dynod). I also don't wanna over abuse the injectors/fuel pump by consistently running E85 blends, so it's more of my Hooligan/Tire Shredder Map.

Originally Posted by Wedge1967 View Post
You need to go back and dyno again. I think the dip in your torque curve @ 4000 rpm is due to wheel spin on the drum. I had the same issue with HPF's dyno and until we put 300 + lbs in the trunk we kept getting a drop in the curve at 4k. I would be pissed if the tech running the dyno didn't point out that issue and take action to correct it. Other than that the numbers are killer. Great job guys.
For whatever reason, those drops only occurred on those 2 pulls. We reset the ECU on the same tune & the dip went away, and we didn't adjust the tie-down straps for the E85 tune and there weren't any dips.

Originally Posted by EastCoast335i View Post
Do you happen to know what numbers you were putting down with the OTS Aggressive Stg2+ 93oct map?
I plan to protune for e40-50 but I'm considering protuning for a 93 map as well if the gains warrant it.
I have no idea, but there are def quality gains over the OTS Maps. I know some other people have posted their OTS --> ProTune results, I just didn't have the time to get some extra pulls with the OTS Stage 2+FMIC Aggressive Map.

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