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Originally Posted by N0OS3 View Post
thanks, rollinstone157, for the informative post.

If i got the HID route, i planned on fitting P7 Q45 projectors into my low beam housing and then a bright white HID kit to back it up... otherwise, i was just looking for a temporary cheap *BLUE* solution to hold me over until the bigger project...
I see, I see. Well, good luck with the HID retrofit!

If I make make one suggestion, I would like to recommend a different projector. I certainly can't deny that the Q45 projectors are visually quite stunning. They are literally "one-of-a-kind." However, Infiniti sacrificed a lot of performance for the appearance. And they're extremely rare, so of course, the price is high (currently $350 through TRS). For that kind of money, I would get the LS460, and enquire if they can provide the solenoid retrofit to make it easier to install. Around the same amount of money, and you get a cool shroud that you can put a LED ring in for a really unique look

And for the kit, go with the Morimoto Three5 or the Deno OEM ballast, and the Osram CBI D2S bulb. LS460 bixenon+CBI=better than any Factory BMW HID setup ever, and better than 99% of what's on the road right now.