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Originally Posted by monkey_wrench View Post
I don't blame you for not wanting Chinese rotors on your car.

Rolls Royce Canada, manufacturer of engines as found on aircraft like the Gulfstream G-IV outsources their turbine blades to China.
68% of the blade assemblies that pass Chinese QC and ship will not pass QC at Rolls Royce. That is almost 7 out of 10 blade assemblies go right in the trash.
And these are 6 figure prices each.

Just out of curiosity though - there wasn't anything similar in the Netherlands or Germany?
...and probably they make money anyway from it!

You see, somebody understands EXACTLY what I mean.

Regarding the European kits, i have to say that many other options are available (e.g., the BMW Performance rotors), but to say the truth no kit offers the same specs/price ratio and is available for both front and rear from the same vendor. Brembo BBK (or similar kits) was not an option due to the cost (in excess of 3000 usd). The favourable exchange ratio USD/EUR had a role, too. And, finally, I've experienced always exceptional results with "made in USA" stuff.