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Recall for fuel system?

I hope this post doesn't alarm anyone but I've been made aware of a recall without much detail via my SA at my local dealership.

So, today I got a call from my dealership. I'm due for new rear brakes and there's apparently a recall out to reprogram something. The SA was vague and implied it had to do with reprograming the fuel system but she wasn't sure of all the details. I'm going to get more details tomorrow morning when I head to the dealership.

Here's a little history from my own fuel system experience. During the summer I was on vacation and ran low on diesel with like 5 miles left on the range. I fueled up at the nearest station and drove about 150 miles with a full tank of diesel. I parked the car, ate dinner and came back and the car wouldn't start. It cranked over several times and no start. I called BMW assist and they could only tow me to the nearest dealership on Monday and this all happened on a Saturday night and I was stuck in a mall parking lot with all my belongings still at my camp ground 50 miles away. Now I kept cranking the car every 60 to 120 seconds and it would just crank over without firing. Half way through cranking the engine the iDrive screen displayed a message saying the fuel system needs to be checked at my nearest service center as soon as possible. Well after trying to start the car and talking to BMW assist, I waited 15 min and prayed for the car to start so I can at least get back to my campground. Well not too long after that I tried again and the car started like nothing was wrong. I drove to the camp ground and drove the 400 miles back home without any more problems or messages. The car has since been to the dealership a couple times and no codes have been thrown and the problem hasn't happened since. The car has been running great and has no indication of any problems. I've just not bothered about it because the car is under factory warranty and everything has been running fine since the incident. I've come to the conclusion that the problem may have been an air pocket in the fuel lines since I drove it down to 5 mile range before refueling and the pump may have sucked in air. Plus the fuel tank is quite complex and maybe some how there was no fuel being delivered to the engine. I'm just wondering if this recall may have something to do with the fuel system programming as to avoid this or help the system prime in the event the vehicle runs out of fuel. I know that running completely out of fuel requires a time consuming prime of the fuel system to get it running again. Has anyone else experienced this before?

Of course the recall could be just a reprogram of the fuel management system in regards to the recent carbon build up issues been reported. Not sure yet, but I'll try find out all the details tomorrow morning.