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Originally Posted by chrismanchr View Post
jesus whats happened to used e92 values they seem to have gone over a cliff lol

ive got a e92 325i crimson red 50k miles ,great condition ,
I thought maybe 9-10 grand

so ive put it up at 9700 on autotrader (webuyanycar offered 8400 )
,no responses ,its been for sale for 3 weeks and i did troll the internet
looking at other cars the same for sale and mine seemed pretty cheap ,
but now LOL the arse seems to have fallen out of the market with e92 325i's
and 330i's going for 7500 whats gone on? this isnt seasonal and theyve
not got intergalatic mileage
I know it's off the BMW thread, however I had a VW Golf 25th Anniversary Edition that I have just sold. Mint condition with 50,445 miles on a 52 plate. Everyone on piston heads , auto trader etc are wanting 5 - 6k for the same with over double the miles. I struggled to get 3.5k. Came across several issues selling, firstly everyone wanted it for next to nothing, secondly advertised for 5,250 and people were say it's to much. re advertised for 4,250 and then it was to cheap and why is it re listed and oh you live in Cumbria it will cost me hundreds to get to you so I want my travel knocked of the price. In the end I was just glad to get rid of it as it sat here for weeks. Anyway good luck with your sale. It's a war out there and only the dealers win.