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Originally Posted by Karbon View Post
Not to burst anyone's bubble about the new F30 but honestly I haven't heard anything good about it from anyone. I like BMW and I wanted to like the F30 but...

A couple of friends who have been working at BMW for a long time said and I quote:
"I honestly can't recommend any of the current model 3 series. They're cheaply made and it shows. It's all about the bottom line now. It's not even a drivers car anymore."

Go take a really good look at one on the lot, I mean a good look. I was floored by how cheap it looked.

By comparison, the F30 is massive compared to the e90. It's a completely different car. The F30 is basically the size of my e39 5 series. Check the dimensions.
exactly, was pretty excited till i saw it up close at which point i was like why.