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Originally Posted by derrick603 View Post
What's missing from your review is whether or not you actually drove the ATS. According to the article, the ATS won based on the chassis tuning and driving experience, not the interior.
You are correct.
After I was disappointed from the interior, lack of trunk space and room for people in the back seats (a child would not be able to sit behind me in the ATS, i'm 6ft), sound system was not impressive compared to the H/K etc, I was not interested in driving it. Reading about the gearboxes I knew what they were talking about from driving the CTS multiple times. I did however start the engine in a new ATS (3.6) and it sounded great, when the sales person asked if I want to drive it I said maybe some other time.

If I want a "driver's car" with no room in the back and a small trunk I wouldn't get a sedan. If I want a sedan the ATS is definitely not great as one.