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New springs/shocks or low-end coilovers in my situation?

I bought a set of BMW Performance shocks (the $190 Tischer deal from a while back) with the intention of installing them when my ZSP shocks wear out.

Lately, I've been thinking about tightening up the suspension a bit, and have been looking at lower-end coilovers, namely the ST v1.

Which would be best for me considering I want the following:

1. Better handling with a good ride (this is my daily driver).

2. Don't really care about lowering, if the ride height stays the same, that's fine, if it lowers an inch, that's fine too.

3. The car will be purely a street car.

I was initially going to stick with the ZSP springs, but I'd be willing to buy new springs if the improvement warrants it.