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Question between RFT's and Non-RFT.

Hi All,

I've already done plenty of searching around researching about the difference the Pro's and Con's with RFT versus Non-RFT.

And I know this question has been asked many times, however, general feedback has just been "do this" without much description of people's thought process and experience.

So here's the breakdown that I'm summarizing:
1. Price: Non-RFT > RFT
2. Ride quality: Non-RFT > 3rd Gen RFT > OEM RFT
3. Handling: Non-RFT > 3rd Gen RFT == OEM RFT
4. Convenience: RFT > Non-RFT (given no spare tire space in the trunk)
5. Longevity (tread depth): Non-RFT == 3rd Gen RFT > OEM RFT

Currently, I have the Michelin PS2 ZP RFT and I think the ride is too harsh. So I've been seriously considering switching to non-RFT's (Michelin PSS), however, the inconvenience due to the lack of the spare tire has prevented me in taking this route thus far. Especially since I've already experienced 2 flats within this past year and it was reassuring to know that the RFT's enabled me to drive directly to a tire shop and get replacements for free (covered under tire insurance).

I have been thinking about getting the 3rd Gen RFT's for a while, but have not exactly made up my mind.
In terms of my priorities:
1. Ride Comfort
2. Handling
3. Convenience
4. Price

Can anyone that have tried the 3rd Gen RFT's and Non-RFT's give me some feedback on their experience?

It would be really helpful.