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Originally Posted by KingOfJericho View Post
I've only owned one auto car and it was a Saab in college and I swore I would never own another. I've held to that thus far. I've said this many times in many threads but I don't care if it's faster. Driving is about involvement. If the car didn't have a steering wheel because satellite technology advanced to the point that cars guided themselves more accurately than a conventional wheel, wouldn't that also decrease driver involvement in a similar manner? Driving, to me, should involve all of my limbs - not just my left hand and right foot.
Just continuing the thread hijack. I agree, but also find that auto and DSG boxes have become so much better over the last three to five years that if your only perception of them is dated, you should try the newer batch. As I said, I'll always have something in the garage with the proper amount of pedals, but my wife's cars have taught me that two pedal cars can still be very entertaining, in a way that older cars just didn't seem to be capable of. Most of it has to do with the current trend of diesel like torque curves, but rev matching, quick shifts and the ability to focus more on the racing line and maintaining momentum is a nice advantage too. Somewhat sadly, it looks like the 991 GT3 will be going the flappy paddle route too.

In related news, this thread has reminded me to look for CTS-V wagon with all three pedals. It doesn't make any sense as my daily driver, and the engine would probably never get to operating temperature, but it just seems like part of dying breed and I think I need to own my own little piece of that.