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Originally Posted by Jeff@topgearsolutions View Post
For the procede experts, isn't their a way to change the fuel tables within to compensate for extra OL fueling, or is that only with the
You can increase the cells all you want, but there will be a limit in the DME where it will register a low rail pressure fault and put the engine in dead mode. Flashing the DME effectively negates this by setting rail pressure higher in the DME tables to begin with and will give the procede more (higher) amounts of wiggle room. Of course you can just mod it in the DME completely and set it to be bypassed in the procede.

Originally Posted by jippii ensio View Post
I would ask a local tuner to flash a bit more fuel for you. The forum is biased towards Cobb, but you can get flashed pretty much by any tuner who can flash cars.

True, but flexibility and home concenience (to go back to stock, or alter additional tables) comes with the Cobb. Pending the user is willing to learn.