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Thermal Coated N54/N55 Intercooler for sale

We have been experimenting with the thermal coating process for our intercoolers. It involves dipping the intercooler into a liquid bath and then baking it, much like a powder coating, except that the material is designed to enhance thermal exchange, unlike painting or powder coating. After doing some controlled tests in our dyno cell*, we have determined that the performance gains were not worth the substantial money and effort to do the coating. We'd like to market it, but it just doesn't change performance significantly enough to warrant the work. Anyway we have a couple of brand new coolers here at Helix, that have never been installed with this thermal coating on it, and I'm willing to let them go for $799 apiece. They are the same quality Helix intercoolers as always, just thermal coated, with two threaded bores drilled in the top plate which were made in the coating process (brackets to hold them in the liquid).

*We tested a MINI stock intercooler vs. coated, since they are really easy to remove and replace on the dyno, with a 4000 cfm fan directly on the core. During a red line pull, we saw an average of 1-2 degrees cooler with the coated core. Whelp, if this were a F1 team, that would be great results, but for $100+ in coating, it's not worth it.