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Hi, thanks for your post but the interference is definitely not the fuel pump.

Some of it is what I assume is ignition related, rises and falls with the engine revs. Another large part of interference it is the water pump - the 335i has an electric water pump which must draw a lot of current. Then there is other interference from things like the Xenons when they first switch on, etc.

So, I have got all my old RCA cables down from the loft from long ago installs and I am not sure what to do. I cut the end off an RCA cable and there is not much wire there at all.

How would this then connect into the car speaker wires?

I have spent a while researching and understand that the car is now coded to Hi-Fi and therefore using "Balanced Outputs" so what to do?

When the HU has been coded to Hi-Fi to provide un-amplified, unadjusted signal inputs, I also flicked the Vibe switch down to "Low" for the level of input, which should be correct.

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