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Well well well. That is really something else! It's in a totally different league to anything else I've been in.

With the exception of the 911 Turbo's launch control, non of the other cars I've been in have made me react like that. With the other cars I've been able to sit in the passenger seat and just quietly take it in.

Not in the Lambo! As soon as the taps opened I couldn't help but make noises - it's an assult to the senses and you simply can't sit there quietly. It's amazing - it's so fast it's stupid.

On the other hand, the ride is totally aweful. There is no way you could live with it on a daily basis. We were doing 30mph and I'm not joking, my phone flew out of my hand - that's how bumpy it is. In comparison, the ride in the 458 is almost as good as a normal car.

I'm not a fan of the looks either - the rear is nasty, and the dashboard looks like the one in Fiesta.

But wow, it was still awesome! Pics tomorrow.
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