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All BMW dealers are Shysters?

Originally Posted by 3709wit View Post
Be careful with BMW dealers, they are shysters. I went in and worked out a deal for my wife's car told them exactly what we wanted, my wife went into sign that evening, I looked at the contract the following day and they added a $2600 maintenance agreement and changed the 3 year extended warranty to a 4 year for another scam of $1100. Do not trust these crooks!
It sounds like your wife bought the extra coverage, and signed the contract. Im sure she read the contract before signing. It sounds like you have been taken before at a dealership, dont let one bad experience cause you to believe that everyone is out to get you. Remember car dealers are in business to make profits, just ike every business you patronize, so ease up a little. If your wife bought the extra coverage so be it. Happy wife happy life. I doubt the extra money drastically changed your lifestyle.