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Originally Posted by ken1137 View Post
I've been working for a Mfg for over 20 yrs and have seen many cases in which plants were suppose to be copy exact in China, but had poor Quality Control. Thus, yields drop, quality of shipped parts degrade, perceived company quality drops in market place. This is not only in China but other parts of the World where Process Control Systems (PCS) are lacking. This is what they could be doing:

how do you check that the correct alloy has been used X-ray defraction, SEMs
how do you ensure that correct forming has been performed in the Chinese/Taiwanese/wherever foundry PCS, tolerances, SEMs
how do you verify that the proper heat treatment has been applied in the Chinese/Taiwanese/wherever plantHardness check
how do you check that blanks have been handled properly PCS

That said, how can ECS prove this ? The only way is to audit the company which I can guarantee they do not. ECS is a distributor so one needs to ask these questions in advance, or just assume they are made cheaply due to the sale price.

FYI....Germany is well know for quality, but in China there are many companies that are not. Yes, the iPhone and iPads are assembled in China.
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