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Originally Posted by techy1 View Post
I still have to contact them but if they have a non detectable one like the escort 9500ix this maybe my Christmas gift to myself =D
The 9500ix is detectable. If you want the GPS features of the Escort line and want to remain undetectable then get the 9500ci as it's pretty much the best RD on the market. Don't get hung up on visual displays for radar warning, a good ramp up in sound is more than enough. The V1 and mirror is a nice setup, but I'd put that money towards the 9500ci and have stealth, better performance and gps features.

Also, don't think you can drive around with impunity because you have an RD especially in the city. I found most patrol cars don't use radar at all, they prefer laser when parked. OPP still uses K band radar outside of the city, but on the 401 they will be using laser if they are parked on the side of the road. If they are moving with traffic they may use radar. If they are smart they will have it off until they see you and hit you with instant on.. not much warning in these situations.

Anyways, in the several years that I've been running mine it's only saved me a few times and that's been on rural roads with OPP. The best counter-measure is paying attention. Look at your mirrors all the time, let off the throttle and look ahead on curves or when going downhill, be careful passing on ramps as they like to sit up there and shoot laser at your rear as you pass by.