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Originally Posted by Mr Singh View Post

In an IB application you can fully expect the bandwidth to excel from 15-45Hz. Above this things do and will roll off quick. Its very important to have strong midbass in IB installs. You won't have stong upper end response like you typically would in a sealed enclosed setup, therefore midbass is paramount to ensure good transition in your setup.
Completely agree with you Am. I guess due to lack of midbass I am disposing Alpine sub.

Originally Posted by Mr Singh View Post
As for your judgement scores, you are comparing 2 very different drivers for 2 VERY different intended applications.
Silly me, I am comparing something like 4X4 Vs Saloon. Both of them are built for different purposes, but I am trying to put one in a different environment to see how it respond. JLW7 is an expensive driver and it make no sense to play with it in IB where chances of mechanical failures are high.
However it was readily available so I thought to give it a try.

Originally Posted by Mr Singh View Post
Take the efficiency readings with a pinch of salt and read up about Hoffmans Iron law.
Just read it and I see what you are saying here.

Originally Posted by Mr Singh View Post
The ratings on power handling are also somewhat off, Fi rate the IB3 based on mechnical power handling not thermal. Thermally that thing will take twice the rated power but in IB drivers the mechnical limitations are primary way of giving ratings.
True and hence I have not scored any of them.
Considering thermal limits, both can produce 1000W and possibly FI can make additional 100W.
And taking mechanical power handling, both can handle 500-550w if I am not wrong.

To sum up, I had to pay more for JL 12W7 compared to Fi IB3. It does not make sense to choose it but I wanted to experiment. And it was readily available to me.

If it does not sound good, I will order Fi IB3. (waiting for a new driver is pain in bum and I am bit of impatient person when it comes to gadgets, cars etc).