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Originally Posted by Eric335 View Post
This^ Couldnt have said it better.

This election was not a competition between two candidates. It was Obama buying votes using the tax money of the people who actually work, and Romney trying to figure out how there are so many dumbasses that would still vote for Obama.

Looks like wallstreet was just afraid of the Obamanation as i was: Wall street left to rebuild after Obama. Just take a look at the Dow Jones today, -313 points.

To re-cap (and add to): Obama is allowing illegal immigration for the latino vote, free abortions/contraceptives for the female vote, absurd incentives to the Unions for their vote, and he already has a large African vote because he is their "brotha" (i said large, not all are so ignorant). Combine that with the youth's complete ignorance for anything political and the fact that Obama targets them, and your screwed. I wish my tax dollars didnt go towards buying votes for someone i despise...

I wish the intelligence level of the people of this country would increase as fast as the debt Obama is creating

Originally Posted by s4sammy View Post
Who tried to buy the election? Wouldn't have anything to do with Karl Rove, would it...? I can understand the sour grapes here on the part of those that aren't mature enough to handle the fact that their guy caught a fair-and-square spanking due to Obama's far-superior ground game, and the fact that the GOP failed to keep a lid on the kooks in the fringes. I guess it didn't help that democrats funneled money to at least one of said kooks, thereby taking more electable republicans out of a senatorial race. It sucks getting punked, right?

Oh, and stupidity like 'self deportations' had nothing to do with it either, eh? Nobody else ever used the homophobia in certain voting blocks to engineer how they would would vote (Bush/Kerry), nobody else ever bailed out a car company (Reagan) and nobody else ever was involved with amnesty for illegal immigrants (Reagan again), right?

At the end of the day, the election was Romney's to lose, and he did a spectacular job snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. He was told that he needed to start getting a little tough for a change. How is it anybody else's fault that he failed to stand up for his own record as governor? You win some and you lose some in life - It's really unbecoming to see people squealing like b!tches over it. Maybe, just maybe, you'll find a way to make your platform a more compelling one next time around.

As far as Wall Street is concerned...on 7-Nov, the Dow closed at 12,932.73. Today, it closed at 13,074.04 - debunking the little theory that markets don't like Obama's victory. Unless you would have people believe that markets went up because Obama is no longer going to be president in 2013. Hey, the electors meet in their states to vote on the 17th; anything could happen, I suppose.

It's not like I give a rat's ass about Obama - I voted for Johnson (Gary, that is). And to keep an even keel, Obama is an absolute failure as a politician (and for reasons that Romney pointed out - he had a banking crisis when he got into office, and focused on healthcare instead for example). This is why he lost my vote. However, this isn't something we can't get past in due course.