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BMS adapted their WW kit for use on the 335D. It uses their FSB progressive controller which is run by the JBD and feeds fluid from the WW tank. Other than installing the nozzle in the charge pipe the install takes 20 minutes or so.

They did some dyno testing using a 50/50 mix and a CM10 nozzle which is fairly safe for the street. Gains were around 20whp over the JBD alone. This particular car was only able to run around 80% on the JBD this time around without tripping a fuel pressure code. Overall I understand the car feels a lot faster on the street and for the minimal effort involved BMS thinks the kit may interest a few hard core 335D guys. The kit price is $479 including the controller and all required parts.

If whp gains were 20whp I imagine wtq is near 40-42 wtq )
So at 100%
This means it will be probably near 30whp and 45-50 wtq with 50/50?mix!
At 100% meth this thing will reach 50 whp and 70wtq for sure.....
Can't wait next week to try it with 100% meth on the dyno and 80% JBD.