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Originally Posted by GenePoole View Post
Once you replace the sensor the warning goes away. There is no code set from this. It is just a go/no-go check that is constantly being monitored--much like your gas gauge: when the fuel warning light comes on, fill it up and the warning goes away.

I don't know of any DIY that shows any detail on the sensor replacement, but it is pretty straightforward. There's a notch in the brake pad that accepts a the sensor and a steel clip embedded in the sensor end snaps into the notch.

Here's a picture of the sensor (courtesy of where I buy a lot of parts):

Notice the triangular protrusion at the end. That is the part that rides against the brake rotor and wears with the pads. Watch out as they tend to want to break at that curved spot if you put too much stress on them.

Thanks a lot man! really appreciate the info! Slowly trying to learn everything I can about maintaining my car to save myself some extra cash
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