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Originally Posted by Rasher View Post
I hate to say it but I expect that the 3 Series will be marketed and engineered more toward the young professional non-enthusiast types in the future. The types that buy v-6 Mustangs, except with more money. This will be especially true once the 4 Series 4 door coupe comes out. I expect that they will market and engineer this as the performance version while the 3 will be the easy to drive, bland vehicle for people that just want a BMW to drive.

I at least hope so because I had an f30 335xi as a loaner for a few days and it was nice but it reminded me way too much of my old A6. Granted, the 335 had more power but driving and size wise, they seemed similar. I swear the f30 is bigger though. So if the 4 series isn't more fun to drive, I don't know that I would buy a newer BMW.
Let's wait and see what BMW will do with the new M3... I hope they don't ruin it.