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Originally Posted by doba_s
Hey guys,

Here is DIY on how to install BMW Performance Steering Wheel. It is not very difficult you just need to take your time and pay attention to what you are doing.


1. Not very big Flathead Screwdriver
2. 16mm or 5/8 socket with wrench and extensions
3. T15 torx socket ( i think it is T15 but I might be wrong)
4. Very small flathead screwdriver
5. 10mm socket

This DIY is for you just to look/read and get an idea on how it can be done. I am not encouraging you to do this installation. I will not be responsible for anything that might happen to you, your vehicle, or anybody who might be helping you, or anything else.

If you are local ( Bay Area ) I can install it on your car for a $90+ Grande Vanilla Late

Before you start taking everything apart you need to read PDF Instructions in the Post#3 at the bottom and get familiar with it. Make sure you understand what goes where. After you did that, I would recommend to label supplied BMW harness with A1,A2,A3,A4,A5,A6, and A7 tags. It will be easier to figure out what goes where.

1. Disconnect your Battery and make sure your (-) Negative terminal will not be touching battery

2. Remove lower plastic panels on both sides (passenger/driver). I just have picture of the passenger side

Driver side

3. Read PDF instruction and unplug Blue connector

4. Reales the side tabs and pop off the Black/Grey connector that is inside the Blue one.

5. Read PDF installation and remove Blue/Red wire from Pin1 and Red from Pin2. Insert A3 into Pin1 and A4 into Pin2. Now install wires that you removed from Pin1 and Pin2 into Connector E

Pulling out wires from Pin1 and Pin2

Connector E

Wires from Pin1 and Pin2 inserted into Connector E

Wires A3 and A4 inserted into big Black connector into Pin1 and Pin2 and Connector E connecter to A5

6. Now you can install Control Module B and connect A6 to the module

Hi doba, if you are stilling willing to help out fellow Bay area forum member installing it for $90 & Grande hot drink of your choice .... I am thinking about buying the performance steering for my 2012 135i. Wait to hear from you... thanks much !