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335D M-Sport Rear Bumper Retrofit Tidbit

Hey in case anyone was interested or cared: I am installing an M-Sport rear bumper and it suddenly dawned on me that all e90 335 rear bumpers probably have a stencil of where the UREA cover should be. So you can drill out the stencil and transfer the UREA cover and mounting plate to the new bumper!

I solely base this logic on the fact that all bumpers have stencils of where to drill for PDC and headlamp washer cover. If you look at a non D rear bumper you should probably see a big circle on the driver side.

Why is this useful? It is useful because it is realllllly hard to find a 335d M-Sport rear bumper and my friend laughed at me for buying one that came off a 335i modded for 335d.

Now...all I need is for someone to say "Yea dude, we all knew that!"

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