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As a dedicated petrol head....

I enjoy putting a nice shine on my car. White cars, especially those with red upholstery look the showroom and immediately after a good wash and polish.

But in the UK, with its wet, dirty roads? I don't think so (for me at least). I used to live in Germany, and it was immediately noticable how much wetter and dirtier British roads are. I could drive 600 miles through Germany and Netherlands, catch the ferry and my car would still be clean. Drive the 40 miles from the ferry to my folks place and I couldn't go near the car for fear of getting filthy.

With certain colours, the dirt really doesn't show too badly and the light hitting the car causes darker and lighter areas, like burnished metal, which disguises the dirt. A white car on the other hand provides a perfect, uniform contrast medium to show up every spec. So for me at least, white (with red upholstery) looks really but is simply too impractical for our local conditions. As a colour, Alpine white was develop for Cabriolets in California and Florida, where the intense white matches perfectly with the green palm trees!

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