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Forgot to mention my clutch which is new and I did change the flywheel. (Obviously) when doing a clutch job.

Sooooo miesterchaft mufflers.

Clutch flywheel

Smg :-) an

Me as a driver. If you don't wanna run after this that's fine, I don't want to waste my gas. I'm just giving you guys your m6 run y'all wanted since y'all beat them or so I'm hearing y'all say. I'd like to see it for my own eyes is all rather then speculation, Soo here I am an m6 owner in the flesh.^_^ come to the car meet and come
Check out the lambo beating, evo smacking, camaro whooping m6 so you can see for yourselves. ^_^ if you don't want to come because you refuse to get involve in our Nola meets that's understandable I suppose, we will have many more meets after this one since I have a lot of support from the car community out here and can easily get multiple legit businesses to sponsor them, rim places, car wrapping, body shops, local businesses etc etc. , we do have a ton of fast cars down here as well and have an impressive size as far as members in bmws down here as well. Not to mention, supras, ferraris, lambos, vetts, bmws etc etc. it's all about support in the car community and I'm one to show that support off plus it's Sara's goodbye party :-/ who'd wanna miss that ?!